Quiz - questions

For the following questions one answer is correct (true). Identify them, then see the answers (quiz - answers) for confirmation and other information.

Quiz 1

1.   The cells have many organelles with diverse functions. Flagella and cilia are cell organelles that play a role in cell locomotion (swimming). What are organelles that produce energy for cell locomotion ?
a.         flagella
b.         cell nucleus
c.         cilia
d.         mitochondria

2.   Richard Altman was the first researcher to recognize the presence of mitochondria in the cell. Which of the following statements about mitochondria structure is false ?
a.         mitochondrion has two membranes and a central matrix
b.         the outer membrane has the porins
c.         the inner membrane has external folds that delimit the small cavities
d.         between the membranes is located the intermembrane space  

3.         Energy metabolism is the main function of mitochondria. What other function is present at this cellular level ?  
a.         cell division - meiosis
b.         cellular signaling
c.         cellular digestion
d.         protein synthesis for other cellular organelles